Mission Furlough Support Policy

As a New Testament church, Lighthouse Baptist Church believes in the faithful support of world-wide missions and the missionaries involved in the task. We further believe that an individual missionary’s support must be based upon biblical principles and accountability.

Furthermore, we believe that the local church is accountable for all mission funds that are invested. To insure proper stewardship of mission funds entrusted by God, we do hereby adopt the following guidelines for supporting a missionary while on furlough.

1.   Accrued Furlough Support.

For each year (i.e., 12 months) that a missionary remains on the field, he/she will earn three months furlough support. (Herein known as the 12/3 guideline). This means that if the missionary is on the field for a full four-year term, then one-year of furlough support will be granted.

2.  Withheld Support.

If a missionary returns from the field prior to a full-term fulfillment, support will be based on the 12/3 principle, as stated above. If the missionary returns to the States after serving one-year, then three months support will be granted. Further support will cease, until the missionary returns to the field. For instance, if after one year, the missionary returns for six months, then three months will be non-supported months.

The 12/3 calendar begins each time the missionary returns to the field. Thus, the twelve months must be an uninterrupted sequence, and not a collective series.

In order to not place undue hardship on extreme cases, each case will be reviewed by the mission council. If extenuating circumstances such as family death, or certain illnesses are present, support may be continued beyond the 12/3 guideline. No exceptions will be granted without council approval.


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