Our Missionary Partners

The Lighthouse family is grateful to be engaged in the cause of world evangelism.  Each of these missionaries is a strategic partner in this great cause. We are currently partnered with some of these financially and prayerfully, and others are only in prayer, but they are all important to us. We love our missionary partners.  Please pray for these individuals and families as they serve the Lord on their field of calling.

Gary Ashley Family

Gary & Kathy Ashley Family (Puerto Rico)

The Ashley family have left the security of North America to serve in the country of Venezuela. Kathy is the daughter of Dr. Mike Allison, pastor of Madison Baptist Church in Madison, AL. Gary was saved under Brother Allison’s ministry and called of God to the mission field. Pray for the Ashley family as they seek to win souls and plant churches in this field of the world.

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Gordon Horton Family

Gordon & Lori Horton Family (Canada)

The Horton family’s desire to start Baptist Churches, see souls saved, and raise young men up from their midst, giving them the vision of world evangelism. They long to see Canada turn away from her socialistic mentality and become a Godly nation. They covet your prayers and financial support as they endeavor to evangelize Canada for Christ.

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Joe Kotvas Family (Peru)

Joe & Lisa Kotvas Family (Peru)

The Kotvas family are doing a great work in reaching the deaf of Peru. They started Salvation Baptist Church for the Deaf, in Lima, Peru in April, 2000, then merged with Efata Church for the Deaf in November 2000. The result became Efata Baptist Church. This ministry is now reaching the deaf through a day-school, college, and evangelist church.

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Lisa Lewis (Togo)

Lisa Lewis (Togo)

Lisa is a trained nurse that serves with a veteran missionary family in the country of Togo. God has equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to open doors for presenting the gospel, by her skill in medicine. Pray for her as she faithfully serves in getting the gospel of Christ to Togo.

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Matt & Sarah McKendree Family (Peru)

Matthew & Sarah McKendree Family (Peru)

The McKendree family serve in Peru, as missionaries to the deaf & hearing. They are doing a great work in establishing biblical churches.

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Robert Mickey Family

Robert & Wendy Mickey Family (Kenya)

The Mickey family are seasoned missionaries in the country of Kenya. They have seen the Lord’s hand in winning souls, establishing churches and discipling believers. They seek to establish national leadership in each of the churches that God has allowed them to start.

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Charles Nichols Family (Brazil)

Charles & Isabel Nichols Family (Brazil)

Brother Nichols is a second-generation missionary. He was raised on the mission field of Brazil. Under his father’s ministry, Charles also felt the call of God to missions. He readily surrendered to the call. Realizing the call was also a call to prepare, Brother Nichols went to the States and attended the Southeast Fundamental Baptist College, in Madison, Alabama.

Bob Nichols Photo

Robert & Naomi Nichols Family (Brazil)

Brother Nichols graduated from Bob Jones Bible Institute. As a missionary to Brazil, South America since 1885, he has planted 3 churches there. He and his wife Naomi have four sons and three daughters: Robert Jr. (Bob), Charles, Juanita (Nita), Heather, Nathan, Stephen, and Anna.

Eddie & Marta Ray

Eddie & Marta Ray Family

The Rays are veteran missionaries in Asia. The have planted several churches and are faithfully training believers in their walk with the Lord. Because of the potential dangers where they serve, their locale is not publicly stated.

Daryl Serino Family - Alaska

Daryl & Laurie Serino Family (Alaska)

Brother Darryl is a second-generation missionary in the far north region of Alaska. The uttermost north of Alaska is full of villages where the gospel has yet to penetrate. The Serinos have yielded their lives to working in this difficult field of inclement weather, long days of darkness and poor navigable roads. Please pray for them.

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