Guidelines for Presenting Your Ministry

Boards that we do not support
We do not seek to be difficult or critical. However, due to past dealings with these boards, we have chosen to not support missionaries associated with them. This is not an attack or a statement about the missionaries. This is simply a choice made by the leadership of our church.

The Boards Are:
Christian Missionary Clearinghouse (Texas)
Vision Baptist World Missions (Georgia)
World Wide New Testament Missions (North Carolina)

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have been scheduled for presenting your work at Lighthouse Baptist Church, please know that we love missionaries. You and your family will be among friends who care about you and are eager to invest in your ministry. During your visit with us, we desire that you feel comfortable among our fellowship. There is no need for you to feel as though you must walk on eggshells. We understand that not everyone does things just like we do them. It is alright to be different, as long as you are biblical. We will not be looking for reasons to not support your ministry, but for reasons to support your ministry.

An invitation to present your ministry is extended only after careful and prayerful consideration by our Missions Council. The thorough selection process is necessary due to the large number of requests received. Therefore, this process helps to insure that invitations are extended to those missionaries who share our principles and philosophy of ministry and missions.

The following items are to assist you in preparing to make your presentation at Lighthouse. You are being invited with the understanding that we desire to support your work, but it is not a guarantee. Your presentation will make the final decision concerning Lighthouse investing in your ministry.

  1. Be Punctual. The church staff has planned for your arrival and will be prepared to assist you in unloading your display, setting up your presentation, and other matters.
  1. Be Professional. In other words, be dressed for the service as a man on a mission. Although this should go without saying, the recent culture of America has filtered into the way missionary candidates present themselves. Mission work is serious business and one’s dress should reflect a commitment to work. Casual dress presents a casual attitude toward the work to be done. Although dress does not imply or produce spirituality, it is a reflection of one’s attitude toward God (I Tim. 2:9).
  1. Be Thorough. Your presentation should thoroughly communicate why Lighthouse should invest in your ministry. You will be given ample time to share your ministry objectives. Three areas must be addressed in your presentation. Our people have been trained to listen for these areas. If you do not communicate these three areas, they will not understand why we should invest in your ministry. The three points are:

a.   Burden. The people must sense your burden for the field to which the Lord has called you.

 b.  Vision. The people must see your vision with you. Your presentation must clearly present the vision.

 c.   Strategy. The people must understand your strategy. In other words, they want to know that you have a plan for fulfilling your vision.

Remember…You are not here to challenge the church to get involved in missions. Our church is already involved in missions. You are here to provide us with reasons why we should invest in your particular mission.

Other Considerations

  1. Video Presentation. The church has a video projector and screen for your use, if needed. The Media Ministries Director will assist you in getting your video ready for display in the service.

a.   Your audio/visual presentation should be no longer than 8-10 minutes.

b.   All presentations must be either automated or timed.

c.   No slide presentations are permitted.

  1. Preaching. If you are asked to preach, then preach a biblical message that draws its points from your chosen text. The content of the message should be connected to your particular presentation and your field of ministry. You have not been invited to fill the pulpit, but to present your ministry.
  1. Family. You and your family have been invited to present your ministry. We believe it is important to meet a man’s family if we are going to invest God’s funds into his ministry. Therefore, if you have been scheduled, and it becomes necessary for your family to not travel with you, then call the pastor before you leave home. It may be necessary to reschedule your presentation, so that our members are able to meet the whole family.

By “family,” we mean the husband, wife, and the children that are still living at home. If your children are grown and gone from your house, then you and your wife are all that is expected. Of course, single missionaries are the exception to this requirement.

(If there is an unusual circumstance that prevents your family from coming, please feel free to discuss it with the pastor).

We look forward to a great presentation and challenge concerning your area of ministry. Our church loves missionaries and longs to invest in the work of God’s faithful men and women. If you will follow the above guidelines, then our church is more likely to understand why we should invest in your ministry.

May the Lord bless your ministry as you faithfully serve Him.



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