Pray for Brenda Crow

Update: July 9 — Mrs. Brenda was promoted to Heaven at 9:23pm this evening.  Heaven’s pallbearers were despatched to Room 3 at the Columbus Hospice Hospital. Unseen by mortal eyes, those angels escorted Brenda from the shell of her decayed body and ushered her into the presence of the Lord. She had placed her faith in Him many years ago. Tonight, the fullness of her faith was realized.

Yes, she will be missed by her friends and family. Her church family mourns her loss. Yet, we weep not as those who have no hope. For we know that she is in the presence of our Savior.

Pray for her family, as they face the days ahead. Pray that comfort and strength will be theirs by God’s grace. Pray for the family to be drawn closer to the Lord and to assure their faith in Him.

UPDATE: JULY 7 — The doctors have removed all breathing tubes and other life-support apparatus from Mrs. Brenda today at 3:00pm.  She is experiencing labored breathing at this point.  Please pray for her and the family.

Please pray for Mrs. Brenda, and that she would have a good recovery.  Pray for Renee and the family as they stand by her during these days.

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