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Christmas Sermon Series

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Pastor Wynn will begin a new series entitled, “Why Christmas,” on Sunday morning, December 2.  Each message will look at one of the reasons why Christ came and became flesh, and show a practical application for living today.  You will not want to miss this important Christmas series.

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Sermons Series: Building Relationships

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Pastor Wynn’s newest series, Buildling Relationships, began on September 9 and will go through the month of November on Sunday mornings.  This series will focus on our relationships with Christ, the Church, and the Community.  In September, the messages will encourage the believer to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ.  

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Assured of the Truth

Be sure to be with us each Sunday morning and evening as Pastor Wynn continues through the books of 1st, 2nd and 3rd John.  Currently, we are still in the third chapter of First John.  Each message is compelling in its revelation of truth and practical application to life.  Bring your Bible and a prepared heart to receive the preached Word.  

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